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Barbara McDermott

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That’s Right. Best-selling author and host of the widely popular Forget To Eat™ Podcast has taken her comprehensive program and organized it into a convenient, 30-Day Course complete with every resource imaginable to make your transformation quick, effortless and EVERLASTING.


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Join the thousands all over the globe who have discovered the Forget To Eat™ Method to Weight Loss without cravings, without hunger, without deprivation, without dieting, without exercise, without pills, powders, potions, or special foods.


Everything you need is in the program. There's nothing you need to buy to get all the benefits of Barbara's program.

What's Included?

When you enroll into the (FREE) 30-Day Program, you’ll receive instant access to the Forget To Eat™ Without Cravings Method. You'll have well over $1000 worth of resources, guides and reinforcement materials at your fingertips including:

  • Educational Forget To Eat™ Method Courses

    Entertaining step-by-step instruction that quickly teaches you how to Forget To Eat™, WITHOUT Cravings, so you can effortlessly use your body fat for fuel to lose weight and regain your health. You can access everything at your leisure on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • 50+ Handouts, Plans, Checklists & Resources

    We take improving your health very seriously. That's why we've created dozens of quick-reference resources. Save a ton of time trying to find answers on the Internet. And save lots of money on buying other courses and books you no longer need.

  • 30+ Days of Meal Plans

    As you will soon learn, you don't need meal plans to quickly succeed. But, having over 100 ideas for so many delicious snacks and meals that you can whip up in a matter of a few minutes gives you wonderful peace of mind!

  • Intermittent Fasting - Get ALL The Benefits Without Hunger

    You've heard about the vast health benefits of fasting. Maybe you've ever tried... but got tired of fighting being hungry all the time. Good News... you also get access to Barbara's life changing course. In it she teaches you how to Get the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Without Being Hungry.

  • 24/7 Support | Exclusive Access To Our Private Members Group Page

    When you enroll, you become a member of the SHIFT Community. That means, you are never alone. In addition to all of the live coaching options listed above, we're also there to support whenever you need assistance. Have a question at 3:00am? Bring it! Get your questions answered, instant feedback and direction. You get peace-of-mind certainty... knowing that every step you take over the 30-days are leading you to everlasting weight loss and better health than you've experienced in a long, long time.

How Does The Forget To Eat™ Without Cravings Weight Loss Method Work?

Forgetting to eat (and body fat loss) can only happen under one condition. And that condition requires that your body fat accumulation hormone is quiet.


You learn how to do this right at the beginning of the program. It’s a short process. And once you master it, like riding a bike, you have that skill for life.


That means…

You will forget to eat more and more often. That's because your body will be tapping into its stored fuel... your body fat.


When hormonal conditions are just right, body fat burning is fully enabled. Your years of being "body fat trapped" are over!


This is REAL weight loss. (AND Health Gain.)


But Let’s Be Clear, This Is Not About Not Eating.

Oh no. You will eat. You will enjoy rich and flavor filled meals. But our method sets you up for hours of cravings-free, satiety that enables you to eat less often. Where you just aren’t hungry most of the day.


So as you can see, it’s the eating less often that gets you to your weight loss and health gain goals. Of course, this method sets you up for a lifetime of success.


You Now Have a Lifestyle That Makes Life Simpler and Easier.

And you’re saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses for groceries, medications and supplements.


But the best part, you’ll never have to diet again!

Will It Work For Me?

Our method is not only doctor approved, we actually have doctors actively participating and referring patients to our program. Our method is designed to have you cravings-free within hours. Imagine the freedom of living life where food isn’t constantly on your mind 24/7?


And when you’re not thinking about food all day long, you’re also not eating most of the day. Now weight loss and health gain happens naturally.


So yes, even if you tried every diet that existed and failed, you will understand why... "It's Not Your Fault."


In the program you will learn the fatal flaw in all diets. And why you were set up for failure from the start. Diets, pills, powders, and potions don’t address the core issue. Therefore, with diets and other programs, results will always be short-term.


This Is Your Lifestyle Solution.

The method is designed so you can lose weight and regain your health more quickly and safely. Within a few days, you'll see and feel results. And most importantly, you gain control over your eating... NATURALLY.

Here's Why Doctors LOVE Our Method...

Who Should Enroll?

Although many of our participants enroll in the 30-Day Program for weight loss, they also struggle with other chronic conditions. The program also provides relief from:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Low Energy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Inflammation
  • Brain Fog
  • Alzheimer's

About Barbara McDermott...

Thousands of individuals, couples and families have transformed their lives through Barbara’s unique events, programs and retreats. As the owner of a chain of health clubs for 23 years, with 1/4 million members, Barbara was an industry leader and the star of her own local television show.


For years Barbara struggled with the unspoken reality of exercising for weight loss in the health club industry. Although none of her fellow leaders would admit it, exercise wasn’t working.


But, it wasn’t until her 16-year old daughter was diagnosed as a type-1 diabetic did the painful pieces come together.

Having sold her health clubs, Barbara devoted the next six-years of her life extensively researching  how to save her type-1 daughter.


The solution presented itself after dozens upon dozens of failed attempts. And as her daughter quickly improved her health and shed her weight, Barbara knew she had the answer to permanent weight loss and on-going health gain.


Soon after Barbara created her company SHIFT Formula, to rescue others who unnecessarily suffer from weight and hormone related conditions via her Forget To Eat™ Without Cravings Method.

Real Results...

It's So Simple...
What I love is how simple the science behind the SHIFT is! It just makes sense.

Nini McGlinchey

Just What I Needed!
SHIFT has been just what I needed! At 52 and totally stalled in my weight loss journey, I was frustrated! I started 'SHIFTING' in May 2016 and its now January 2017 and I am down 21 lbs --- and I get to eat GREAT, TASTEFUL FOOD!

Becky Auer

No Cravings!
I've lost 23 pounds with no food cravings and Lots of Energy! And my recent blood work results has shown dramatic improvement.

Priscilla Butler

My A1C Has Dropped To 5.9
My A1C Is down to 5.9 and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far.

Dee MacFadden

SHIFT Saved My Life
I'm 65 lbs. lighter with an A1C in the 6s. My insulin most days is down to ZERO. I had been taking up to 72 units a day just a few months ago.

Boyd C. Davis Jr.

I'm Not Hungry!
I'm not hungry! I feel awesome, my energy level is great and in just a few weeks I've already lost 14 lbs.

Barb Isaacs

23 Pounds Lost With No Cravings!
I love this way of eating and NEVER being hungry. I have never been able to give up sugar, but now, I DON'T WANT SUGAR!

Elaine Silver

60 Pounds Lost & A1C  Dropped From 7.6 to 5.6!
I used to spend two hours a week, for almost 2-years, at a wound clinic, because my wound would not heal. At one point my doctor told me he didn’t know what else he could for me. Fortunately I discovered Barbara McDermott and SHIFT Formula. Now my wound is completely healed, Fibromyalgia is gone, A1C is down and... I continue to lose weight!

Susan Gregan

Enjoying Delicious Food While Losing Weight...
I'm enjoying delicious food, and feeling satisfied, while 12 pounds have melted away, from the right places! This was after 17 years as a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

Christine Hannafin

25 Pounds Lost PLUS... The Knowledge To Beat Cancer & Diabetes
A year ago I was barely able to move from my bed to the living room. Today I can walk the museum with my grandkids! I’ve lost 25 pounds. Because of SHIFT I have the energy for living again... and the knowledge to beat cancer and diabetes.

Betty Tinder

Fibromyalgia Is GONE!
10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. During the cold months I’d struggle to get out of bed. Within the first two-weeks my Fibromyalgia symptoms lessen to the point of almost non-existence! And today, I’m completely pain / symptom-free and have lost 44 pounds!

Donna DiNunzio

My Mood Is So Much Better!
Because of Barbara McDermott and SHIFT Formula I’ve been able to lower my A1C down to 5.9 and lose 10 pounds! And I’m thrilled that I can travel and enjoy vacation foods while still staying on track. SHIFT has also helped me reduce my depression meds by 75%.

Dee MacFadden

16 Pounds in 22 Days...
I've been following the SHIFT program for 22 days and I can say with great enthusiasm that I have lost 16 pounds. I am beyond excited and very thankful for your support!

Cindy Vold

I'm No Longer A Prisoner of Pain
At night before I made this SHIFT, I would sit on the couch and my hips would ache oftentimes to the point of tears. Now there are no tears and No Pain! Even the swelling in my ankles has disappeared. I’ve been able to get off medication and in the process lose 35 pounds!

Karen Tinder

A Double Win...

Chronic pain is Gone! Between us we’ve lost 54 pounds. And cholesterol is the lowest it has been in years!

Ken & Charlene Curley

And More Results...

"I can't even imagine going back to where I was before."

"I will never think about food the way I USED to think about food. And I've lost 14 pounds now!"

"More Success Stories"

"I love the lessons. They are clear and easy to understand."

"I went straight to Barbara McDermott. She had the answer my doctor couldn't give me."

"I get to eat all I want and still lose weight. And I'm using so much less insulin. All this in only 7 weeks!"

"Who loses weight during vacation?? Me. :)"

"I've lost weight, I'm out of pain and have gained energy. Now I understand why."

"In a few months my A1C was down 4 - 5 points."

"All those foods I USED to crave... I don't crave them anymore."

"The doctors and nutritionist couldn't help my daughter. Barbara did."

"I started SHIFTing right after my chemo treatments."

"I can't put my head in the sand. I know it's coming to me."

"It's not about diet or deprivation. It's about eating smarter."

"55 pounds lost. I have more energy and most of the day I'm just not hungry."

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