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The Personalized "Hands-On" Process To Quickly Eliminating Cravings, Weight Gain,  Reversing Diabetes (Insulin Resistance) & More... PLEASANTLY!

Imagine How Quickly You'll Get Results with UNLIMITED, Personalized Coaching with Barbara & Charlie McDermott. (It's Impossible To Fail!)

How Is The SHIFT Insider Program Different?


Forget about Keto, Paleo, Vegan, High-Protein, and all those other restrictive diets...


How about we end all the confusion and focus on the ONE  THING THAT MATTERS?


INSULIN... The powerful fat creation, body fat storing hormone.


At SHIFT we teach you how to manipulate insulin, to see life and food in a whole new light. Through the lens of insulin suppression. You now understand why all those weight loss and 'healthy eating' attempts have failed you in the past. Yes, the SHIFTed Lifestyle is different from anything you've ever experienced before.


"At SHIFT there are no foods off limit once you know foods limits."


UNLIMITED... Targeted & Personalized Coaching Groups

There is no better, faster and easier way to resolve your health challenge including cravings, weight gain, diabetes, low-energy, Fibromyalgia, mood and more, than to get coaching direct from the masters… Barbara & Charlie McDermott.


You work solely with Barb & Charlie, NOT a rent-a-coach like so many other programs out there.


There Is NO Waiting Or Any Limit On The Number Of Sessions You Can Attend!


Our goal is to get you HEALED... ASAP! And we never want you to have to wait weeks or even days for you to feel better.


And that's why we provide UNLIMITED ACCESS. You can attend these LIVE learning / coaching as often as you’d like.


We have Live Sessions Available 6-days a Week at convenient times in the morning, afternoon and evening.


We even offer sessions on Saturdays!


And it is all included for only $39 per month. (Cancel anytime.)

   NEW - Extended Fasting Groups  

Now Included With Membership!

About The Extended Fasting Group...

This group is perfect if you want to push past a weight loss plateau, thwart cancer, resolve chronic pain, or simply deepen wisdom and self-mastery.


Fasting in a community is so powerful. Thanks to the built in accountability and companionship, fasting becomes a pleasant, energizing experience that will find you stronger, saner, smarter and slimmer. And five days without any food decisions just might be the ‘vacation’ you’ve longed for!


The Program also includes...

1.) Shopping List

2.) Optional Supplement List

3.) Fat Fasting & Liquid Fasting Schedule

4.) Fasting Tip Sheet

5.) Fasting Resources

Pick A Plan:

You Get Instant Access To:


You get every resource imaginable to make your SHIFT easy, pleasant... DELICIOUS.

UNLIMITED Personalized Coaching with Barbara & Charlie McDermott

You work directly with Barb & Charlie NOT a 'rent-a-coach'. Coaching sessions are available 6-days a week! Attend as often as you want. The more you attend, the faster your progress.

Condition Specific Courses for:

Entertaining, step-by-step, easy to follow direction with daily checklists and action plans.

  • Weight Loss & Cravings
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Wellness & Enhanced Living
  • Men's 50+
  • Women's 50+
  • Heart Disease
  • Cholesterol

Huge Vault Of Recipes, Meal Plans & Resources

You'll never struggle with meal or snack time. And there's no need to spend hours prepping & cooking. Our recipes come with 3 Rules... EZ, Fast, Delicious.

LIVE Events!

Every week there an array of live events you can attend online including the SHIFTed Kitchen Show, Monday Mindset, Exercise Classes and more. It's so easy to stay engaged, inspired and motivated.

24/7 Support

You are never on your own. You can get help any number of ways...

  • Private SHIFT Insider Facebook Page
  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone

Weekly SHIFT Acceleration Sessions 

Every week we get together as a community for a LIVE training with Barbara McDermott. These sessions are full of health gain "Insider" gems that aren't being covered by the mainstream. They want to keep you confused and on medications and other pills, powders, potions and products you don't need.

Pick A Plan:

Here's What You WON'T Get!


Starting anything new can be scary. There's uncertainty... "Will this really work for me?" There's self-doubt... "Can I really do it this time?" There's hopelessness... "I've tried so many times before, what's the point?"


And yes, there's skepticism... "How can all this be so easy?"


But with SHIFT there's no reason for any of that because the most important part of the program may be what you WON'T get...


You Won't Get...

  • Frustrated because there's nothing for you to figure out... everything is spelled out and simple to understand so even a 5th grader could easily follow along and get results quickly.
  • Angry & Broke because you spent money on more pills, powders, potions or promises that don't work... Now You KNOW Why You Don't Need Them Anymore!
  • Overwhelmed because you'll always have Barbara & Charlie by your side lifting you out of overwhelm and into CLARITY & CERTAINTY.
  • Partial answers and 1/2 truths designed to make you buy something you don't need. When you know how to manipulate insulin, there's nothing extra to buy. Everything you need to succeed is at your local grocery.
  • And you certainly WON'T get another weight lose by deprivation, discipline and willpower diet.

My 30-Day "LOVE It" Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

We want to make sure that you feel secure and confident investing in the SHIFT Insider Coaching Program.


That means you can get started today and begin using our powerful program to restore your health, get off medications, lose the weight, gain energy and more with absolutely ZERO Risk.


But, you DO have to take action.


That means spending a few minutes everyday watching a few videos.

And if for any reason AFTER you go through all the modules in the course, complete the weekly assignments on-time and attend at least one weekly coaching session per week you don’t feel like you got the value you paid for, email us within 30 days and we'll fully refund your investment.


Bottom line, if you think there's even a remote possibility Barbara & Charlie McDermott can help you, you owe it to yourself to at least look inside. Using just one strategy could make a huge difference in your health and would be well worth the investment.

How SHIFT Insider Coaching Saves You Money...




According to a 2012 survey conducted by the CDC, the average person spent $257 for health improvement books, CDs and other materials and $368 for supplements.

  • Health Improvement Materials: $257
  • Vitamin Supplements: $368

Plus, our members report saving between $50 - $100 a month in groceries because they aren't hungry most of the day and aren't craving sweets or comfort foods.

  • 12 months x Avg. $75 Grocery Savings: $900

In total, our program could save you up to  $1,525 a year. So for the cost of one fast food meal a week, SHIFT gives you your health back and puts money in your bank account.


And when you add up all the future medical expenses you'll avoid by following the program, you could easily save thousands and thousands of dollars a year in medical bills.



Your time is priceless. And thanks to SHIFT, just think of all the time you won't be wasting on:

  • Researching and test-driving countless diets or other forms of deprivation.
  • Searching Google for all the free weight loss, keto, vegan, paleo, and other diets and being overwhelmed by the volume of information.
  • Watching one YouTube video after another, feeling optimistic while the video is playing but once it ends you're still stuck with no answer to the same basic question, "How do I even begin?"
  • Wasted trips to the doctor for prescriptions and the pharmacy for medications that you could be living without once you get your insulin under control.


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