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Is It Really Possible To Eat Deliciously So Your Body Quickly Learns To FORGET TO EAT For Hours, & Hours On End?

From best-selling author Barbara McDermott, who brought you the groundbreaking book, 'FOOD B.S.'  comes the "How To" manual that teaches you the simple steps to living life where food goes on the backburner... along with weight gain, cravings, diabetes, pain, inflammation and more.


Discover the food science secret to eating the delicious foods you LOVE in a way where you aren't hungry (or craving), for hours and hours on end.


By tomorrow cravings will be gone.


Within a few days, find yourself delightfully, forgetting to eat, feeling lighter, more energized and happier than you ever imagined possible.


And those never-ending thoughts of food?


Amazingly, they've disappeared!


Without sacrifice, deprivation, or by eating tasteless and expensive special foods.




Say goodbye to all of that frustrating, madness!


Those days are long gone because you now understand... HOW TO EAT TO FORGET.




Purchasing this life and health enhancing manual will substantially and negatively impact the profits of the many industries that depend on your health decline. Rather than living the rest of your life listening to their false promises and profit driven motives of these behemoths, you now have the ability to take the wheel.


Now, you can take control of your health with clarity and absolute confidence.

With the knowledge contained inside the 'Forget To Eat' manual, you can finally make important health decisions with science certainty. You can cut through the clutter of marketing and mis-information designed to keep you overwhelmed, confused and a lifetime buyer of their pills, powders, potions, special foods, and so-called, 'healthy' choices that do you no healthy favors.


Get Out Of The Vicious, Endless & Destructive Weight Gain, Low-Energy, Feeling Miserable & Always Hungry Cycle


If you suffer from any one of the above conditions, you are playing right into their hands.


And more than likely, you suffer from all of the above and probably more.


BTW.... It's not your fault you are suffering. You are in this situation because you've been following their flawed rules of healthy eating and profit driven directives.


And look where it's gotten us!


Want Proof?


Look at any old video from before the 1980s. Very rarely, if at all, will you see anyone struggling with weight.


Back then, cravings didn't consume our every waking moment like they do today. And we certainly didn't have a diabetes epidemic.


But today, we have more aliments then ever, with countless drugs to treat everyone of them. And side effects are included at no additional charge. ;)


Side-effects? Don't worry, they have other drugs to deal with your side effects.

Why Are We Eating Healthier But Getting Worse?


Today, by the flawed rules standard, we're eating healthier than ever before.


Organic, whole foods, low-fat, high-protein...


We drink strange colored meal replacement shakes, or nutritious and high-protein smoothie drinks...


And, for those who have the energy, there's exercise.


Back in the 1970s, health clubs didn't exist.


Now there are dozens packed into just about every town in America.


There's Crunch, Cross-Fit, Yoga studios, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, to name but a few.


All of them teeming with personal trainers, nutritionist and dieticians ready to help you lose weight and get healthy.


So why then, if any of this worked...


Wouldn't we be healthier by now?

The Solution


The solution to our various health challenges is eating in a way that limits a very powerful fat creation, fat storage hormone called insulin.


It Is The X Factor... The One Thing That Changes Everything!


It's that one domino that creates the domino effect of body fat burning, mood and energy enhancement, cravings elimination, blood sugar stabilization, weight and inflammation reduction and more.


And the 'Forget To Eat' manual makes it 3rd grader easy to understand!


Once you begin, you'll realize that it is all common sense.


Unfortunately, this information  has been covered up and distorted over the years by industries who fear the loss in profits, should what's inside 'Forget To Eat' get into the mainstream.


Save the health and wealth of you and your family, order your copy of 'Forget To Eat' today.


P.S. The food science in the 'Forget To Eat' manual is so thoroughly researched that, if you find just one word is not 100% backed by science we'll give you a full refund.

Best-Selling Author Barbara McDermott

Barbara's step-by-step program, researched and developed over 7 years, has already helped thousands of her clients worldwide and is now available to the public via the 'Forget To Eat' manual.


TODAY... Take $20 OFF!

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Mailed 1st Class right to your door for all U.S. and International orders!

Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

What's Inside The Manual?

The 'Forget To Eat' Manual Puts Barbara McDermott's 7 Years Of Study & Research Into An Entertaining, Easy To Follow 'Owners Manual' For Optimal Health & Energy.


You will know exactly;

  • What to eat to set yourself up to forget to eat.
  • How to extend the hours of forgetting to eat.
  • Why forgetting to eat is your innate super-power.
  • How to lose weight without being hungry.
  • Why weight loss is driven by hormones not calories.
  • How to severely compromise cancer cell establishment.
  • How to deprive cancer cells while nourishing healthy cells.
  • Why Alzheimer’s is completely avoidable and how to do that.
  • How to eat to end neuropathy and atherosclerosis.
  • Why forgetting to eat is the ultimate anti-aging action.
  • How to evaporate cravings and never be controlled by food again.
  • Why ‘dining in' is the latest health trend and how to do it.
  • How to nudge your body to run on its stored power fuel, fat.​

The manual contains 240 full-color pages printed on full size, 8-1/2" x 11' heavy stock paper.


It's ideal for note taking and durable enough to last for generations.


The manual provides everything you need to Forget To Eat within hours of starting and includes:


1.) Right Action Recipe Book

Forgetting to eat is not kitchen or labor intensive. The F2E recipe book is loaded with specifically designed meals, desserts, and fun foods that keep you loving the foods you eat while setting your body up to be completely satisfied and hunger-free for hours, and hours, and hours.


Worried about missing certain foods?  No worries.


You will soon learn,


"There Is No Food Off Limits When You Know Food's Limits."

Over 100-pages of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that take but a few minutes to prepare if any time at all. Who knew spending less time in the kitchen could be so Satisfying & Delicious!

2.) Entertaining "How To Forget To Eat" Food Science Lessons

Forgetting to eat is based on science. You will forget to eat when you apply the right actions that make 'forgetting' happen. “Small hinges swing big doors”. Simplified. Straightforward. Science. You = Slimmer + Smarter.

3.) Weight Loss Boss Daily Action Guides 

You get daily, step-by step, action guides. Clear. Concise. Chronicled. Follow the exact same steps thousand of others have who’ve happily announced, “I forgot to eat!”, “I’ve lost weight!”, “I’m off diabetes meds!”, "My pain is gone!", and more.

4.) Intermittent Fasting Guideline

Forgetting to eat is the easiest, and most effortless way to gain the benefits of fasting......because you won't be hungry! Think of it as a happy accident. Knowing the internal power play you’re igniting is fascinating motivation. Knowing your power is one thing. Owning it and wielding it is your life game-changer.

5.) Hot Topics Addendum

Cholesterol or calorie concerns along with the use of the word “Can’t” can be obstacles to success. But by forgetting to eat you'll soon be saying,  "What cholesterol? What calories? What 'can't'?" 


TODAY... Take $20 OFF!

Order today for only $89.95 Just $69.95​

Mailed 1st Class right to your door for all U.S. and International orders!

Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

GREAT NEWS... There's No Need To Wait For Your Manual To Arrive In The Mail. You Can Start Learning How To 'Forget To Eat' Right Now With These Two FREE Bonuses...


30-Day FREE Membership

There's No Need To Wait For Your 'Forget To Eat' Manual To Arrive... You Get FREE Access To Everything In The Manual Instantly PLUS, Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Additional Health Gain Resources & Individualized Coaching!

Your 30-Day FREE Membership Gives You Full Access Including:

  • 30-Day Weight Loss BOSS Program with daily, concise video instruction and inspiring emails.
  • Entertaining, enlightening and engaging video lessons that reinforce the concepts of the "Forget To Eat' Manual.
  • UNLIMITED Personalized Classroom Coaching with Barbara & Charlie McDermott. (Live sessions available 6-days a week, morning, afternoon and evenings.)
  • Huge Vault of Meal Plans & Recipes
  • Access to Condition Specific Courses & Plans (On topics including... Diabetes, Weight Gain, Cancer, High Cholesterol, Depression & Mood, Low-Energy and more!)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Support
  • Live Events... it's like having Barbara meeting with you in your living room.

Start learning the "Forget To Eat' strategies so you can begin living life on your own terms as soon as today. Eating the foods you absolutely love. Feeling energized. All while weight, pain, inflammation and more... begin to fade away.

Barbara & Charlie are with you every step of the way. There's no guessing or trying to figure it out on your own. You will know how to quickly get results that last a lifetime, without struggle, frustration or loneliness.


Extended Fasting Groups

(Free Access to our New Intermittent Fasting Circle)

Learn How To Reap The Benefits Of Fasting Naturally, Without Sacrifice, Discipline or Hunger

About The Extended Fasting Circle...

This group is perfect if you want to push past a weight loss plateau, thwart cancer, resolve chronic pain, or simply deepen wisdom and self-mastery.


Fasting in a community is powerful. Thanks to the built in accountability and companionship, fasting becomes a pleasant, energizing experience that will leave you stronger, saner, smarter and slimmer. And five days without any food decisions just might be the ‘vacation’ you’ve longed for!


The Program also includes...

1.) Live Fasting Support Sessions Daily with Barbara McDermott

2.) Intermittent Fasting Self-Study Video Course

3.) Shopping List

4.) Optional Supplement List

5.) Fat Fasting & Liquid Fasting Schedule

6.) Fasting Tip Sheet

7.) Fasting Resources

8.) 24/7 Support

9.) Personal Fasting Journal

10.) Fasting Without Hunger How-To

Be a part of our fasting community and attend live sessions with Barb. You also get access to watch our Fasting Self-Study Course.


TODAY... Take $20 OFF!

Order today for only $89.95 Just $69.95​

Mailed 1st Class right to your door for all U.S. and International orders!

Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

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