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  • #1:  UNLIMITED Direct Personalized Coaching Barbara & Charlie McDermott

    When you become a SHIFT Insider you won't be passed on to some rent a coach like those other celebrity programs. We're with you in the trenches... every step of the way. You can attend UNLIMITED Coaching Sessions offered 6-Days a week!

  • #2:  Condition Specific Programs

    Entertaining, step-by-step, easy to follow direction with daily checklists and action plans for Weight Loss & Cravings, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease & Cholesterol, Wellness and more!

  • #3:  Weekly SHIFT Acceleration Sessions

    Learn new weight loss & health gain insider secrets to accelerate your progress.

  • #4:  Support - 24/7

    Say goodbye to confusion and frustration. Help is always available via email, text, phone or Facebook!

  • #5:  Live Events

    Attend multiple live events every week that inspire, keep you accountable and provide the fastest path to your health gain goal.

  • #6:  Meal Plans, Recipes  & Resources

    There's no need to spend hours prepping & cooking. Our recipes come with 3 Rules... EZ, Fast, Delicious.

  • #7:  Recordings Of Our Top Coaching Sessions

    You get over 30 hours of jam packed solutions for all kinds of conditions.

  • #8:  Virtual Health Club

    Yoga, circuit training, strength training and more.

ZERO Cost Guarantee

Our members save $50 - $100+ a month on groceries, medications and supplements therefore, our program will not cost you a dime. And if it does, we pay the difference!


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