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Meal Plans & Recipes (1 Year of Delicious, Inspiring & EASY Meals)

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Take the guesswork out of mealtime.

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Hopeless2HEALED Course

Harness The Secret Power Of Hormone Suppression For The Fast, Easy & Delicious Way To...

Banish Cravings. Lose Weight. Heal Your Body From The Damage Of Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation & More… Without Diet, Counting Calories or Intense Exercise.

Includes over a dozen video lessons with entertaining, easy to follow direction covering:

  • Step 1: Hormonal SHIFT
  • Step 2: Physical SHIFT
  • Step 3: Mental SHIFT

Now you can start living life on your terms again. Eating the foods you absolutely love. Feeling energized. All while weight, pain, inflammation and more... begin to fade away.

Hopeless2HEALED Program - $97 Value!

SHIFT 21 Insulin Suppression Program

$147 Value

This is Barbara McDermott's groundbreaking course on how to escape the destruction of diabetes and transform your body into a fat burner via an Insulin Suppression Lifestyle.


You’ll feel the benefits of new energy and fading cravings within 24 hours of starting!

CHOLESTEROL... The Real Story

$47 Value

Cut through the myths and misinformation surrounding the impact of cholesterol on heart disease, brain health, mood and more. If you are currently struggling with high cholesterol or have any concerns about the impact certain foods have on cholesterol, this training will open your eyes to the undisputed truth.

Vitamins, Minerals, Protein...

How Much Nutrition Do We Really Need?

$29 Value

Billions of dollars are spent on vitamins and supplement yearly. And many of those dollars get flushed down the toilet. In this video training Barbara McDermott shares the science behind supplementation and WHY by following an Insulin Suppression Lifestyle you are able to absorb more nutrients than you could in the past.  

Do Calories Count?

A Puzzling Problem With An Easy Fix

$29 Value

Who wants to go through life counting calories and portion control? That's called deprivation... and it's totally unnecessary. During this training you'll quickly understand why, with you new Insulin Suppression Lifestyle calories don't matter when it comes to weight loss and health gain.

Intermittent Fasting Mastery

How To Tap Into The Holy Grail Of Great Health Strategies The Easy, Hunger-Free Way!

$147 Value

You've heard about the power and benefits of fasting. But who really wants to starve themselves for hours on end? In the Intermittent Fasting Mastery Program, Barbara McDermott shares how to get the benefits of fasting without the torture of being hungry.

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